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2019 Election Information

Election will close on Friday, 28 June.


Meet the Candidates


Gemma Edwards

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Gemma Edwards is an advocate for transplant nursing. She is a leader among her peers and looks to educate other transplant nurses on best standards of care. She has a vision for ITNS and how to take the organization above and beyond transplant nursing excellence. She builds strong relationships with transplant nurses around the world and advocate for them to join ITNS.



Karina Dal Sasso Mendes

Foto Karina

Katrina Dal Sasso Mendes has eighteen years of experience in organ transplantation and nursing care. She holds leadership skills to take charege in aiding others in their careers as well as teaching students on transplantation processes. She is able to step forward to effectively communicate ideas and develop new proposals and goals that will create a positive impact on transplant nursing.

Maria Reila Molina


Maria Reila Molina has been an advocate for ITNS. She has taken charge in organizing symposiums through her local chapter. She participated in the BRIGHT study as well as works hard to motivate others. SHe shares a voice for transplant nurses and her patients.


Research Director

Anne Floden

Anne Flodén Picture

Anne Floden is recognized as a researcher, leader, and educator. She has contributed to transplant nursing through her expertise in research, organ donation, and inpatient care. Crucial to developing a chapter in Sweden, she shows key leadership skills and passion for transplant nursing.


International Director

Sabine Gryp

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Sabine Gryp is running for the International Director position.