Featured Speakers

Bernice Coleman Headshot

Keynote Address

Bernice Coleman, PhD ACNP-BC FAHA FAAN

Omics and Transplantation: A Paradigm Shift in Transplant Nursing – Are We Ready?

Understanding interplay between donor and recipient HLA and immune function remains foundational to the medications we give, treatment(s) we monitor and manage. This talk will describe Omics science in transplantation within the context of donor and recipient genomes. Data will be presented from the ITNS nursing genomic survey with discussion for next steps.

Invited Panel Session

Dr. Giuseppe Orlando, MD PhD

Transplant Medicine in the XXI Century: A Traditionally Immunology-Based Discipline Destined to Become Regenerative Medicine-Based

Giuseppe Orlando Headshot

The lecture will briefly summarize the state of the art research aimed at bridging regenerative medicine to transplant medicine. The preliminary results of a pilot study conducted in recipients of AKI and DCD renal allografts, whereby gene expression in the peripheral blood is used to understand the molecular pathways that underlie adaptive repair, will also be presented.