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ITNS Calendar of Events

ITNS is happy to promote ITNS Chapter related events for free of charge. External events may be posted on this page using the calendar posting order form.

The following guidelines apply when submitting a calendar posting:

  • Calendar listings may include a link to additional promotional content.
  • The fact that an event has appeared on the ITNS calendar may not be referred to in collateral advertising.
  • ITNS retains the right to decline any submitted calendar of events listing, discontinue the posting of any event/s, and decline to link with another site or to remove links to other Web sites.
  • Allow 10 working days from the date the complete order is received by the ITNS office.
  • ITNS has a 60-Day Blackout Period. This is inclusive of any listings during the following time frames (30 days prior to or following the Annual ITNS Symposium).
  • Fee is $60 for a regular posting and $70 with logo



ITNS WI2020 ITNS Virtual Annual Meeting
Thursday, October 22 - Sunday, October 25, 2020

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ITNS Position Statements

A position statement is an explanation, a justification or a recommendation for a course of action that reflects INTS's stance regarding the concern.


Patient Education Resources

Pocket Guide

ITNS15 PocketGuide WebImage1

Interventions to Common Medication-Adherence Barriers (PDF)

Patient Education Booklets

For Hospital Use

Interested in printing copies of the patient educational booklets to distribute at your hospital or facility? Visit the online store to purchase unrestricted permission to photocopy or print a patient education handbook for educational use. After purchase, email with the title of the patient education booklet you would like to reproduce. Then, an ITNS staff member will email you a print ready PDF file for your use.


CMV & Me: Information for Transplant Patients

CMV Button

Making Your Transplant Medicines Work for You After Organ Transplantation

Transplant Med Button

Transplant Options When You Don't Have a 'Good Match'

 High Risk Cover


Sexual Health After Transplant: What Every Patient Should Know

 Sexual Health Icon


Post-Transplant Diabetes: What Every Patient Needs To Know

 Diabetes 2016 Icon


Pregnancy and Parenthood after Transplant: What You Should Know

 Pregnancy Pamphlet Icon


Diet and Exercise after Transplant

 Diet Exercise Icon


What Every Patient Needs To Know About Dental Care

 Dental Care 2016 Icon


Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle After Transplantation

 Patient Ed Healthy Lifestyles


Controlling GI Side Effects After Transplant: What Every Patient Should Know

 GI Side Effects English


Skin Cancer Risks in Transplant Recipients: Know the Facts

 Skin Cancer 2016 Icon


Lung Transplant Patient Education Booklet

Supported by an educational grant provided by the Lung Transplant Foundation

 Lung Transplant Handbook Button


Kidney/Pancreas Transplant Patient Education Booklet

 Kidney Handbook Button

Heart Transplant Patient Education Booklet

Supported by an educational grant from CareDX, the makers of AlloMapĀ®

 Heart Handbook 2017 Icon


Liver Transplant Patient Education Booklet

Liver Handbook 2016 Icon