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2020 ITNS Annual Meeting Posters

Bric Study – Burnout and Resiliency Levels among Organ Donation Coordinators: Research Protocol
Vanessa Silva E Silva; Laura Hornby, MSC; Ken Lotherington, BSC; Amber Appleby, RN; Amina Silva; Sonny S. Dhanni, MD

Construction and Validation of an Educational Booklet for Liver Transplantation Recipients
Karina Dal Sasso Mendes, MSc PhD RN; Alexandra Almeida; Cristina Maria Galvão, RN PhD; Ana Lopes, MJ

Development, Implementation, and Evaluation of Clinical Pathways for the Management of Pediatric Post-Operative Liver Transplant Patients
Jackie Calhoun, DNP RN CPNP-AC CCRN; Jaskaran Rakkar, MD; Rajech Aneja, MD; Kyle A. Soltys, MD

Why is Laparoscopic Living Liver Donation a Better Option?
Katey E. Hellickson, RN BSN CCTC; Donna Ferchill

Reducing the Kidney Transplant Inactive Waiting List
Christopher S. Leonhardt, BSN CCTC; Heather Moore, RN BSN; Jan Rodwell, CCTC MSN RN; Catherine  C. Maranon, BSN, RN

The Role of the Transplant Nurse Coordination in the Management of Acute Liver Failure Due to Ingestion of Wild Mushrooms
Barbara Mastroianni, MSN RN CCTC; Christina C. Lindenmeyer, MD; Gianin Flocco, MD

Two Stage Assessment of Living Kidney Donors: A Single Centre Experience
Lilibeth Piso, MSC; Cinzia Sammartino, Transplant Surgeon; Rafez Ahmed, Physician Associate; Rajesh Sivaprakasm, Transplant Surgeon

Increase Awareness among Healthcare Practitioners about Infection Control Practices for Patients with Burholderia Cepacia: A Quality Improvement Project
Alicia Jones, APN

What If It's Me?
Patricia Berberet, BSN

Employment After Liver Transplantation and Contributing Factors
Anna Van Den Burg

Accommodating Increasing Volumes without Knocking Down Walls: Update on an Infusion Center's Growth
Jeannifer Estrada, BSN RN

Association Between Sleep Quality and Frailty in Kidney Transplantation Recipients: A Cross-Sectional Study
Fucong Peng; Xuejie Guo, BSN; Hongxia Liu, PhD RN; Bei Zhang; Han Wang, BS; Mengxi Han, BS; Shasha Wang, BS

The Role of the Nurse Clinician
Danielle Tomaszewski, RN BSN; Janet Lam, RN BSN; Deana Mays, RN BSN

The Complex Psychological Aspects of Small Bowel Transplantation from a Team Perspective: A Case Study
Rodney Bilijam; Linda Scholten, RN; Marcel Lindstedt, RN

A Focused Approach to Fall Prevention in the Transplant Patient Population
Megan E. VanDeVoorde, BSN RN; Aaron H. Peterson, MSN

Graft Vs. Host Disease after Solid Organ Transplant: A Rare but Lethal Complication
Krystal Nava, BSN RN CCTC; Kawtar Alkhalloufi, MD; Carla Murgas

Implementing Code Blue Debriefs on the Multi Organ Transplant Unit
Chantelle Nielson; Alicia Jones, APN; Rhonda Allan, MN; Amanda Firth, MN © BScN BSc; Marcia Cameron, RN MN

Sun Protection in the Transplant Population: Health Promotion
Shelia R. Rice, CCTN PhD RN

Development and Testing the Psychometric Properties of Self-Management Support Scale for Renal Transplant Recipient
Hongxia Liu, PhD EN

The Relationship between Uncertainty in Illness and Coping Modes in Kidney Transplant Recipients
Hongxia Liu, PhD RN; Mengxi Han, BS; Bei Zhang; Han Wang, NS; Shasha Wang, BS; Fucong Peng, Xuejie Guo, BSN

Frailty, Anxiety, Depression in Kidney Transplant Recipients: A Cross-Sectional Study
Hongxia Liu, PhD RN; Han Wang, BS; Xuejie Guo, BSN; Mengxi Han, BS; Shasha Wang, BS; Bei Zhang; Fucong Peng, BS