IMG 4623Certified Clinical Transplant Coordinator (CCTC) and Certified Clinical Transplant Nurse (CCTN) Review Course
Thursday, 14 November
10.5 contact hours

This one-day, face-to-face CCTC and CCTN review course, presented by Sandra Cupples, PhD, RN, FAAN and Linda Ohler, RN, MSN, CCTC, FAAN, FAST, is a comprehensive program for transplant nurses preparing for the CCTC or CCTN examinations. Based on the American Board for Transplant Certification’s test blueprints and the 2nd edition of the Core Curriculum for Transplant Nurses, this course includes general transplantation and organ-specific topics as well as information on test-taking strategies. Participants will earn 10.5 CEUs and CEPTCs.

Transplant Immunology 101: From Candidates to Recipients
Friday, 15 November
4 contact hours

Let’s face it. Our patients are diverse. And what makes caring for this patient population even more complex is understanding the immune system and what happens when we try to suppress it to prevent rejection of a new organ or tissue. This class will introduce you to the immune system from the basics, starting with T cells, B cells, macrophages, cytokines, and demonstrate how these cells communicate with each other. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate concepts being discussed in this session to help you better understand the care for our transplant patients from candidates to recipients.

Pharmacology for Transplant Nurses
Friday, 15 November
8 contact hours

This session will be presented by a group of transplant pharmacists from Orlando and Tampa, Florida. This 8-hour session will address topics of interest to post transplant coordinators, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants who work directly with our post-transplant population. Topics for this session will cover approaches for managing and treating antibody mediated rejection, antiviral therapies, management and prevention of post-transplant malignancies, managing hepatitis in donors and recipients as well as providing us with the newest information on immunomodulating agents.

Genomics 101
Friday, 15 November
4 contact hours

The genomics or ‘omics’ revolution in healthcare is here. Are you ready? Advancements in genomics, the microbiome, and a growing list of emerging fields that comprise the ‘omics’ revolution are rapidly shifting the current paradigm of patient care and leading us closer individualized health including targeted genetic drug therapies. Utilizing an interactive case study approach, participants will apply the immunogenetic and genomic concepts to transplantation.